Advertising costs

Costs for advertising varies considerably for different types of media advertising.

Advertising Costs

Of course, price is very important, but you also need to weigh up what you are getting for those advertising costs and then associate a rating of value into the mix.

For example, you can pay 5p or 2.5 cents per click for ppc advertising, but what is it actually giving you, in terms of value for money. There is no doubt that on a cost per click basis, the pay per click format is hard to beat, but can you come back with a positive outcome when you look at the return on investment?

Other media like magazine advertising can offer a mixture of awareness, branding and corporate identity, as well as providing an effective media for 'new launch' campaigns and meeting other specific objectives. Usually, prices start at around £1000 per colour page and go above £10,000 per page in certain publications. Some magazines do have a very specific readership and rates can be lower for those that are part of a membership or club.

For Outdoor Advertising formats, prices can vary from around £2000 for mobile billboards on vehicles to £7-8000 per month for large billboard advertising on the high street or roadside.

With Radio Advertising, the costs vary enormously and depend very much on the time slot and length of advert. A typical slot of 25 seconds can be around £250 - £1000 per week, depending on the frequency and amount of listeners.

With newspaper advertising they will usually charge by the SCM or single column centimetre if it is for classified ads or up to £10,000 for full page magazine advertisements if it is in the display section.

The top end of the advertising sales scale is TV advertising. They can demand tens of thousands of pounds before running a campaign, but a lot does depend on the frequency and viewing audience. With this and Radio, there are going to be additional costs for creating the advert, so do build this into your media planning budget.

Remember, with any media, prices are negotiable if you are planning to book an advertising schedule. Always be willing to negotiate and you could get a good deal.