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Mobile Phone

Mobile Mobile & cell phone advertising is growing in popularity. Media and advertising service providers are salivating at the prospect of capturing the mobile phone market and there is no sign of it letting up anytime soon.

There is a current label regarding this advertising format, which for many is bordering on being invasive. As a result, there are now very strict guidelines and conditions around privacy issues when it comes to reaching this vast audience.

One thing is for sure though, it is a huge market, which can almost guarantee targeted exposure to millions of phone users around the world.

One of the biggest services of the moment is SMS announcements and this is creating quite a stir in the advertising world.

As I am writing this article on a plane from London to New Orleans, there are many consumers back at Gatwick airport who had the opportunity to sign up to an SMS announcement service from a host of suppliers.

Companies who want to reach consumers can send an SMS message to an individual about almost anything, as long as there is a permission based structure and opt-in procedure in place.

First of all, advertisers must get the message and the timing right for maximum benefit. For example, people who subscribe before they take a flight need to be told about offers and services from retailers when they are in the departure lounge and in close proximity to the offer. So, if Boots the chemist had an offer on, they could send an SMS to the bargain hunters before they boarded the plane. This is very useful for companies that want to reach a captive audience and costs range from around 50 pence or 90 cents per text. Of course, the trick is to catch people when they are about to use their phone and well before they get on the plane. Therefore, there are certain strategies in place to send a text ready for the person to read it just before they use the phone themselves. For example, suppliers could contact the phone user before they send a text to their partner to say they got to the airport safely. In this case, three hours before departure would be a good time.

Can you see the opportunities for advertisers?

Do watch out for many fundamental changes and developments to these services coming to a much smaller screen near you.

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