Online Newsletter advertising

A guide to advertising in online newsletters.

Online Newsletter Advertising

Online newsletter advertising is available on almost every subject. A growing number of media owners know that if they can build their list, they will be able to charge relevant companies to advertise in their newsletters.

When you look at a company newsletter, you can usually see a set design, structure and format in place. Most companies will want to start their own newsletter with a clear message or announcement about their brand, product or service before anything else - that is really what it is designed to do after all. They can then move on to a feature or area where advertisers can display listings about their own products and services. This is where they charge advertisers for the space and an entry or advert can be dramatically different in price.

Some newsletters are more sophisticated than others. You can choose from text only, which tends to be fairly limited in terms of design, visual appeal and the level of interaction between the advertiser and reader. However plain text is very quick to load and can be easier to scan and read. You then have HTML, which offers many more opportunities for companies to be creative. It also allows image ads to be included around relevant copy and these can be more visually appealing. However, some over complicated HTML newsletters can turn people off and it is sometimes better to go with simple HTML designs or even plain text.

When you are choosing a newsletter to advertise in, make sure that the list is of a decent quality. In the USA, people only have to opt-out from receiving an email, so they don't even have to go through the same opt-in procedures as they do in other parts of the world including the UK. Therefore, you must check if the content of the list is of sufficient quality before spending money. Most companies offer above-board newsletter advertising opportunities as they are in it for long-term relationships. It is really pointless to develop a list and build a newsletter only to have it ridiculed by customers.

When you write an entry or an advert for a newsletter make sure that you include a very clear call to action in the message. A lot of companies fail to do this and it is a very big mistake to make. Remember, people have a short attention span to any advertising these days and newsletter ads are no different.

If you find a good quality newsletter that is respected and well read, you may have one of the best value advertising formats currently available. What's more, you'll probably see returns and enquiries within a very short timeframe which allows you to dedicate your attention to handling those leads or clicks from potential customers.