TV Advertising

The basic ways to get started and the associated costs.

TV Advertising

As one of the elite forms of advertising media, TV Advertising is seen as the ideal format for companies with huge budgets.

However, if you run a television station advertising campaign, it can cost you as little as ten full-page magazine advertisements and that can include the production and design of the adverts too.

Of course, the first thing to do is find a station and channel that fits your particular target audience perfectly. If we look at the mass of loan and insurance companies on TV, we notice that most of the adverts appear on daytime lifestyle television channels - and there is a good reason for this. The market for these companies to reach their desired audience is huge and if we go by how often the ads are repeated, it is fair to say they work.

If you advertise on ITV television in the UK, then the TV advertising rates will be over £1000 per 30-second slot. You can then add another £2000-£3000 or so, if you want your ad to appear on the whole network, which includes ITV across different parts of the UK. Added to this, you have another £10,000 or so on the production of the advert itself and this usually includes dubbing and sound production.

Remember, before taking the plunge, look at the overall advertising costs and potential return on investment for your company. The media planning part of TV advertising is hugely important, although there are advertising agencies and media buying companies who can help you with this.

Just make sure that if you choose to outsource (and it is advised in this game) then act on a recommendation or meet with a company you know has done good things for a similar set up to yours. Remember, time is money and can soon add up! Do your homework, get someone on board you can trust and pay the most you can afford. It should be well worth it in the end.

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